Sunday, April 3, 2011

The 4th C, Sil Valley Product Camp Style

I had the honor to present to the Silicon Valley Product Camp yesterday. Amazing event, over 600 Product mgrs, mktrs and related folks. Had a packed room of about 40 or so in the room, very positive reception, except for a few engineers who thought I was going to talk about how to build SaaS apps, not the Go To Market of them.

Anyways, I've taken the BackofTheNapkin drawing approach to this preso, and I even think I now have an "iconic" drawing of GTM in the Cloud Era...

One attendee tweeted it best, "I've seen the future of Go To Market, and it's circular". Also, a bit an epiphany, this is all driven because -aaS offerings are SERVICES, not products. But our Go To Market mindset is a product one.

So without further ado, here's the link, enjoy!

Over and out...Ken

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