Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nimsoft, market disruptive again???

See for yourself, but my biased opinion is that Nimsoft has done it again. Their Unified Manager delivers the integrated IT Service Assurance and Service Management that leading IT Depts have been striving for for years. Instead of bubble-gumming a couple of products together through loose integration, this is truly a single, unified product.

And in true Nimsoft fashion, it's ready for all the change that can be through at it, or what Nimsoft calls, "Modern IT" . Tom Grubb and the mktg team even put together a nice little animation which has quite a few subtle and not so subtle digs at the giants of the business... Nice!

Read about it at www.Nimsoft.com . On a personal note, I'm blogged in the past that positioning should be "built to last", and Nimsoft has built on the work we did 2 yrs ago, and it has served them well... and continues to do so...

Looking for Built to Last Positioning with Kick Ass High Impact Launch? For you, your friends, investments or clients? Let me know!

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