Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I declare the Whitepaper Dead! RIP YAWNERS!

I have blogged in the past about YAWNERS, Yet Another Whitepaper Nobody Ever Reads, and today, I want to go another step further and declare the whitepaper dead!

Why? Simply because we don't need to settle for generic, one size fits all content anymore. Customer have always wanted more, they've always said, "Hey, but what about me?"
Well, the great news is that we can now deliver technical marketing materials that are:

1) Relevant
2) Customized
3) Meaningful

Not only is this great for the customer, it provides our sales-teams with prequalified leads, and the knowledge to engage the prospect in a MUCH more meaningful and successful conversation.

Today, Nimsoft launched a great example with their new Nimsoft Cloud Readiness Assessment, a simple 5 minute online tool that delivers a customized PDF to the prospect minutes after completion. This allows Nimsoft to educate their potential clients by tailoring this deliverable to the specific situation of the client. Wow!

Here's another great example from FireEye, an innovator in Next Generation Malware Protection. Like the Nimsoft example, this allows both the prospect and the vendor to zero in on areas of need where there may be a fit.

These innovative programs are a sign-post of the future, a future of engaging content, tailored to the B2B buyers need. Wow, doesn't that sound cool. Whitepaper YAWNERs- RIP

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