Friday, December 9, 2011

The Re-Invention of Everything

Look around and be amazed, everything is being re-invented.  From the tablet computer to the thermostat, from cars to enterprise software, from incubators to light-bulbs.  We are living in an amazing time.  Opportunities abound to capitalize on the biggest industrial change since electricity.  In fact, I've started a Pinterest board (my first!) to show off these products and services off - Check it out.

This got me thinking about what is going on.  We are at the the convergence of 6 megatrends, some new, some old, that when taken together create this incredible rush of innovation and opportunity.  The megatrends are:

  • Microelectronics  - Moore's Law Marches on!  - Microelectronics continue to evolve, giving us more and more density and capability.  The innovation here is long from done with nano-circuits promising continue improvement for decades to come.
  • Materials Innovation - Nano-materials are silently becoming embedded into new products at an amazing rate, driving innovation that we don't see unless we look for it.
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data - This is not some hypothetical marketing hype, compute power is becoming like electricity, on demand and reliable.  This has repercussions well beyond computing, as data processing becomes embedded in everything, using realtime information to make products and services better and more compelling.  The next big thing, the cloud of things?
  • Mobility - everything comes with me, my phone, my tablet, my whatever.  We are a mobile society and with ubiquitious Wifi, wired as we move, mobile but connected, not just us, but our stuff too!
  • Sustainability- The recognition of the value of sustainability is driving our Green technology quests, and the innovation to create products and services that deliver value but have minimum impact on the environment, energy consumption and society.  
  • Design - What began as a music player, has spawned a new design esthetic, simple, functional, easy to use.  Call it the Apple esthetic, and when all is said and done, this may be Steve Jobs biggest and most lasting contribution.  The expectations of elegance and usability, and the value that we put on them has been forever changed.  The bar has risen, and this give rise to more innovation.
Some of my favorites examples  - find them on my Pinterest Board-

Products - Lytro, Nest, iPad (of course) , Embrace
Services/Applications - Pinterest, FourSquare, Spotify

More ideas...add them in comments and watch my Pinterest board for updates

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